Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dakota's birthday is about a month and half away... but I have already bought most of the stuff, and planned out the whole day. (hopefully it goes as planned). I love birthday days. They are so important. That is your day.. A day that is all yours and no one can take that away. I love planning and making it special for Dakota. Birthdays were always such a big deal in my family, I want to make sure Dakota feels special each year on his birthday. This year he has decided on a Cowboy theme birthday. I start asking him in about November what kind of birthday he wants, he started with Transformers, then went to star wars, ( I am not big on typical themed birthdays.. ie movies or cartoon charters birthday) then he got a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas. So in Januaray I asked him again what kind of birthday he wanted he said "a cowboy party"... this theme stuck.. which is great for us.. as I am a lover of all things country... So I have had a blast planning this party. We have some awesome friend that live on a little big of land, and they are willing to let us use there back yard (praying that the weather cooroperates this year, last year there was a blizzard on his birthday).. but either way I have it all planned in my head for either an outside or inside birthday... I can't wait to have it all play out the way I can see it. I will for sure post picutres.. I hope it all works out for him. I think I have as much fun planning as he does actually having his friends come and celebrate his birthday!


Through JAMI'S eyes! said...

That is awesome Jenn, he will love it. Nothing better then a cowboy party!

Laus said...

yea for dakota! and for cowboys :)