Monday, January 7, 2008

New Start for the New Year

Happy 2008 from the Ouzts Family.
There are many changes coming this year for the Ouzts Family. We are still trying to sell our condo. We had also received word from the navy that we will be in Denver until March of 09. This is the situation. The military gives you a certain time frame to make it certain pay grade levels. Well I have eight years to make it to E-5, I am only at E-4 right now, I have two more exam period to make E-5. It is not that I can't pass the exam, it is just that my particuar job is overmanned so they are not advancing that many people. So hopefully I can pass one of the next two exams, we will be staying in the navy, if not we will have to figure something out, but if you could keep us in your prayers. We have been enjoying Colorado while we have been here, we are looking forward to moving again though.
We feel very blessed in our life. We see the Lords hand in everything we do. We enjoy watching Dakota learn and grow each day. He keeps us laughing. He loves the movie Cars, he knows who Mater and McQueen are. He is learning so much and is so smart. He is still having problems gaining weight. He has a doctors appointment either this month or next for two different specialist. One for his heart. For those that don't know. At 2 months they found a mumor, he turned out to be the same thing I had as a child. It is a narrowing in his pulmory artery. Nothing serious, he will not be hindered by this issue. Just something the Docs will watch as he grows. And he will be seeing his GI again to discuss his weight. So it is always a fun time with him. I cannot believe he is going to 2 in April. He is growing up so fast. He loved Christmas, and enjoyed all the toys and stuff he got. I am grateful for him in our lives, and am humbled that our Heavenly Father has put his trust in us to take care of such a special spirit as Dakota.
We hope that all of you are blessed with Happiness and joy during this year.