Monday, April 14, 2008

The Wedding Bug is out and about!

3 wedding before the end of the year! My goodness! We just found out last night that James (my brother in law, Pete's brother) is now engaged and planning a wedding for June. Peter and Dakota are heading to Utah next week for Rachael's wedding, and Whitney(my niece) is getting married in Nov. It is the year for weddings. I am very happy for all of them.
We just celebrated 4 years of marriage. I am not going to say it has been wonderful, it has been hard at times, but each day is filled with love and support for each other. I enjoy being married to Peter. He is a great support and helpful husband. I feel very blessed being married to Peter.
I am so excited to continue our adventure in life. Each day brings new experiences and challenges. But as long as we stand by each other, and continue to support each other I know that we can make it though anything.