Sunday, March 30, 2008

Peter and Dakota "Buddys"

I love both of my boys very much. Dakota loves to spend time with Peter. I can see Peter in Dakota everyday. They are so cute together.

I am grateful that Peter is able to stay home with Dakota, while I am working. I know there are some people who don't agree or understand why we kind of do things backwards, but for right now it works for my family. I am grateful for the bond that Daktoa and Peter are building. I think it is important for sons to be able to connect with their fathers. They have a lot of fun together. Peter is a wonderful husband and father.

I enjoying hearing them laugh and play together. Peter is much more relaxed with Dakota as far as letting him try things that I have a hard time letting him do. But I am grateful that Peter has encouraged Dakota to try things. Dakota can now climb up a ladder on the playground. We went to McDonalds for dinner last night and Dakota went up in all the tubes at the play place. I am standing up watching for him, nervous and anxious for Daktoa, and Peter is just sitting there, waiting to see what he will do. I am grateful for Peter's faith in our little boy.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tonight between 8-9pm, we are encouraged to turn off all lights that don't need to be on, all appliances that we are not using. To show are support in saving energy. Is this going to make a huge effect on anything? probablly not. Is it important to show our support to help save the earth.. sure I think so. It just a good opportunity to teach our kids a little bit about saving energy, and maybe make a little fun night out of it. Read by candle light like the early pioneers. Just a little something to show our support for a good cause.... saving the earth.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I really am going to ....

Start giving more attention to this blog. I have to figure out how everything works. But I am going to be more proactive in sharing our life with all of you. So a few weeks ago it was a nice day our friends Elizabeth and Glenn with their little girl Kayla came over and we went to cheery Creek Resivor. It was all coved in ice, as we were driving aound I asked Pete "do you think we could walk on it?" he said "i don't think so.. " and just then we pulled into a parking area, there were Ice Fishers. So we all got out of the car and decided we would go "walk on water" it was a little scary at first, but fun. Dakota loved it. We got him down on the ice and he just took off.
Dakota had a wonderful time on his "first date".
I am so grateful for good friends! It is sometimes hard to be a military family. Alway moving. Not having family around. I am so grateful for a "ward" family, that we can lean on, and receive support from. We are truely blessed to have wonderful friends in the Denver area.
We are still trying to sell our condo. I am just tried of it all. I am ready to be done with it. We love the area and our neighbors, but it is doing nothing to help out the bank account.