Friday, March 19, 2010

Disney on Ice

I bought us tickets to go see Disney on Ice. I love anything Disney!.. So Peter and Dakota met me at work Downtown yesterday, we went to dinner at a great little mexican place downtown, then off to the show. Dakota got to wear his buzz light year PJ's. He looked so freakin' cute. The show was awesome. We had nachos and cotton candy! I wanted a crown with Mickey ears but it was to small for my head.. so Dakota got to wear it all night.. LOL. The show was amazing. I can't imagine trying to skate with those costumes on, but those skaters did amazing things. My favorite part was probably Beauty and the Beast and all the prince and princesses. Dakota liked Buzz lightyear, Woody and Jessie. As we were heading back to the car, I said to Dakota.. "What did you think Dakota? Did you like it?" He thought for a moment.. and said "I LOVED IT!"... he is going to be my partner in love for all things Disney! Here are a few pictures from the night.

Simba and Nila

Timon an dPumba

The Mickey Gang

"using the force"

I'm a real boy!

Dakota and Daddy "say your name!"

They brought Disneyland to Denver!! Gotta Love small world!

Buzz lightmere (lightyear) and Jessie

Toy Story

Prince and Princesses

Snow White and the Prince

Aladain and Jasmine

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

In the west wing

Minnie always beautiful

We love Nemo!

Fish are friends not FOOD!

You always have a friend in me!

It was really cold waiting in line! Couldn't wait to get inside!


Saley said...

This show looks so fun. You had amazing seats. We went to the show in SLC and it was too big of an arena. We were way up high in the nose bleed seats and could almost see the show better on the huge TV screen. We had different characters too: Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King and Tinkerbell was the whole last half with songs we didn't recognize. Hopefully the next show is better. It normally comes to town twice a year.

Laus said...

You guys always have SOOOOOO Much fun! I'm jealous :) Glad you had a good time. Can I come visit this summer? We'll chat.

Through JAMI'S eyes! said...

Wow, what kind of camera do you have? The pictures came out amazing!